Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Day 1 2010

We arrived last night...with the Ontario crew arriving in around 9pm into La Romana with a short trip to our hotel and the Ottawa/Vancouver crew arriving in around midnight after a 2 hour bus ride form Punta Cana.

We arrived at the orphanage bright and early this morning with plenty of energy and anticipation of what lay ahead. For those us that were here last year it was the excitement of seeing the development over the last year and for the first timers it was the thrill of being able to put plans into action.

This year the theme is agriculture so we are utilising some of our irrigation equipment that we left behind last year as well as what we sent via container this year.

We have also been asked to expand the soccer field project we completed last year.

We are also going to complete an offsite, outreach project that will benefit some of the local 'bateys' (migrant sugercane worker villages - usually Haitian).

Here is my intro to the work we will complete at the outreach program.


Here is Greg’s recap of day 1 work on the soccer field.


Ryan and Terry give us an update on the irrigation work.