Sunday, February 1, 2009

We did it! Thanks to so many...

Well, this trip was very moving to say the least. The kids on the orphanage are great kids, very respectful, well behaved and very well off as far as quality of life compared to the rest of the country. To be submerged in the poverty that surrounds the NPH property for 10 days really put things in perspective for me. When and entire village of 300 people share 2 outhouses, one with a door, that makes you appreciate the luxury that we live in. When 65 year old men and on the end of a shovel all day to earn a meager $5 to feed his family rice, that pulls on your emotional side.
I have a long list of very important thank yous to get through and first and foremost, the team itself. Boyd Loveless, Jessie Montpellier, Jody Macinnis, Shawn Karn, Cam Hansuld, Ryan Vincent, Steven Brooks, Terry Ormrod, Sandra Ormrod, Kalon Fairclough and Angela Arnsby. These people worked very long, very hot days and maintained the most positive of attitudes…The odds were stacked against us time after time and we still made it through completion. I was very impressed and I thank all of you. I could not think of a better team of people to work with for a week.
The Toro Company for their generous donations, Terry Ormrod for his technical expertise and unending commitment to the project, Brandon Mathews for his connections and his willingness to help out. Damon DiGiorgio, course superintendant at Roco Ki Golf course, a gem of a property in Punta Cana for the use of his brand new trencher and his assistance in connecting us with the sod farm. Mr. George Durman, whom I have not met, but through Brandon Mathews heard about our project and donated 2000 ft. of PVC pipe to install our irrigation. To all of our donors, personal and corporate, who contributed to our trip. To Green Financial for being so supportive and for “sharing the green”. Transcontinental for sending enough shirts for every child on site. Ken Speers for his level of commitment to FOTOCAN, Kieran Rigney for all he does for the children on site. Mark Robinson for a huge commitment to the cause and to Bill and Toni VanHaeren who in a roundabout way, were the inspiration for our group to take on this adventure, and many future adventures with NPH.
Anyone wanting more information about our efforts, the FOTOCAN organization or the NPH projects in central and Latin America, I am more than happy to share my experiences with you.
Please check back here regularly for photo uploads and some posts about our future plans with both Fotocan and NPH.

Thank you all,

Before -Jan 24, 2009 After -Jan 29, 2009

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