Thursday, January 29, 2009

UPDATED - Auction for local artist

Sorry the link to my email was dead, please email click here to send me email if you would like to bid on the auction - the current bid stands at $40

On Tuesday one of the local men from the nearby Batay Nuevo (which is a small village that used to be for the sugar cane workers before the cane fields closed. Now it is mainly squatters) came to display his art work to the volunteers. One of the directors of the orphanage had advanced him a small amount of money so that he could buy some paint. The idea being that once he sells a painting or two he will be able to support himself in this business that can generate some money for him and his family. When you see the ‘sheds’ these guys live in it isn’t hard to see how it would be almost impossible for them to get started otherwise.

Some of the volunteers that come to the orphanage also work and help out at Batay Nuevo. For example this week there is a group down that is starting the building of an adult classroom and small pharmacy (which is actually no bigger that a closet) at the Batay.

As part of Nutri-Lawn’s commitment to the re:nourish program at NPH we have purchased the painting below and would like to auction it off, the money raised will be sent down to continue the work in the Batay as well as go to the artist himself. The idea is the more you can empower these people the more than can start to help themselves. An example of this is that some of the donations we bought down; toothpaste, tooth brushes, etc were taken to the lady who runs an ‘convenience store’ in the Batay. Of course all she has is the front of her shed where she has items that the others living in the Batay can buy for a small amount but this generates some money for her to buy more supplies to support her.

We would like to start the auction at $20, if you would like to bid on the painting please email me by clicking here. When I get back I will send out a daily email letting people know what price the auction is at the end of the day. We will probably run the auction for a week or two depending on the response we get. Please remember a small amount to use goes a long way here.
Thank you

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