Friday, January 16, 2009

welcome to re:nourish

Inside every company there is the heart and soul of the people who make its brand so valuable. At Nutri-Lawn we say “We Nourish Lawns and Lives.” That is why we have created our most meaningful idea. We call it re:nourish.

re:nourish is our program to nurture the communities around us – both near and far – by giving back to them their greenery. Every part of our organization, the employees of our corporate office and our franchisees, are committing themselves through various projects to making the environment more lush and more nourished.

The way we organize our efforts we call From The Ground Up

  • 1. We find projects with which we can engage
  • 2. If we can bring our experience and expertise, as well as our passion, for healthy grass and exquisite irrigation to the project
  • 3. If we can mobilize our whole franchise system to contribute to a project that helps the community, such as a Food Bank
  • 4. We contribute individually and as a group

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