Monday, January 26, 2009

Day 2

Day 2
The challenges of getting this blog posted continues....just as I was in the middle of posting after finally finding an internet cafe where I could hook up my laptop, which I then couldn’t actually do so I just had to use their computer the power has now gone out! Thankfully I can still laugh despite the challenges. They do have internet at the orphanage however connecting to it is another story. They are very limited in their bandwidth allowance and at the end of the month it tends to be off more than on added to that hydro is off 70% of the time.
However our projects are progressing well at the orphanage. Irrigation of the veggie garden is almost complete and this was done by the end of day one. I will post a video of this tomorrow, fingers crossed.
A grader turned up today (that was supposed to be here Saturday) this was a huge saviour as the ‘top soil’ that was laid on the field before we got here was rock hard.
Power is back on so I will attempt to post the videos I have so you can see and hear how the progress is going.....

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